Experience You Can Count On

My Campaign Group (MYCG) is a premier public policy firm dedicated to developing comprehensive issues platforms – taking candidates from the campaign trail to elected office.

What We Do

We have a broad understanding of key public policy issues that voters care about based on years of experience, and have worked with candidates nationwide to design the right solutions to address the right public policy challenges.

A well-developed and defined issues platform is essential in today’s evolving political climate and will ultimately serve as the foundation on which an entire agenda is based. Voters want to know what inspires candidates to seek office and what differentiates one candidate from another. When done right, an issues platform should energize voters and increase a candidate’s standing, creating another opportunity to communicate and interact with voters.

A tool this important should not be left up to less experienced campaign staff or interns to initiate.

With MYCG as your trusted advisor, candidates will always be confident they are armed with solid information and reliable policies that enable them to not only challenge status quo, but also to effortlessly respond to questions posed throughout the campaign.

We know what it takes to win, with a record of success to prove it. Let us be a part of your winning team.

Bill signing
Bill signing for Delaware’s Fertility Care and Preservation Law (SB139), with Governor Carney, Prime Sponsors Senator Townsend and House Majority Leader Longhurst, Christie Gross, other legislative co-sponsors and fellow infertility advocates.