A Winning Approach

Bill signing

Bill signing for Delaware’s Fertility Care and Preservation Law (SB139), with Governor Carney, Prime Sponsors Senator Townsend and House Majority Leader Longhurst, Christie Gross, other legislative co-sponsors and fellow infertility advocates.

Thank you for considering MYCG for your campaign needs. An issues platform used to be a novelty when we entered this industry two decades ago.  Nowadays you would be hard pressed to find a candidate without an issues tab on their website. While nearly every candidate has a “plan,” very few of them contain the right elements to ensure a candidate sounds credible. That is what makes what MYCG does different. Research indicates a well-structured issues platform can meet all the expectations voters require in choosing a candidate – and that is where MYCG’s services come in. MYCG offers an unconventional approach to issue design.  We believe there are three main components to a well-structured issues platform:
  • Relatable: Telling a story that reflects a candidate’s values to influence people’s emotions;
  • Compelling: Emphasizing a candidate’s positives, while highlighting his or her opponent’s negatives; and
  • Captivating: Identifying challenges voters feel are most important, and developing meaningful public policy solutions grounded in governmental principles that are also well-branded and simply written.
Each of these components is inherent in our work. When complete, a well-structured issues platform can be used by the candidate on the campaign trail as a script and/or broken down and incorporated in media ads, direct mail, social media, and as responses to questionnaires, thus creating a clear, consistent message. A successful issues platform should grab the attention of reporters and editorial boards; generating the kind of enthusiasm that make them and voters want to know more. A candidate with a coherent vision will be able to communicate more effectively to a broader, more diverse set of voters, thus earning him or her greater support on Election Day.  It’s an investment worth making. Contact us directly and let’s discuss how MYCG can give your candidate the winning edge.